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ArkAudioUnitEditor Class Reference

#import <ArkAudioUnitEditor.h>

List of all members.

Public Member Functions

(id) - initWithAudioUnit:forceGeneric:delegate:
(void) - showWindow:
(void) - closeWindow:
(WindowRef) - carbonWindow
(AudioUnit) - editedUnit

Static Public Member Functions

(id) + editorForAudioUnit:forceGeneric:delegate:

Protected Attributes

ComponentDescription _editUnitCD
AudioUnit _editUnit
AudioUnitCarbonView _editView
WindowRef _carbonWindow
NSWindow * _cocoaWindow
NSSize _defaultViewSize
id _delegate

Member Function Documentation

- (WindowRef) carbonWindow  

- (void) closeWindow: (id)  sender  

- (AudioUnit) editedUnit  

+ (id) editorForAudioUnit: (AudioUnit)  unit
forceGeneric: (BOOL)  forceGeneric
delegate: (id)  delegate

- (id) initWithAudioUnit: (AudioUnit)  unit
forceGeneric: (BOOL)  forceGeneric
delegate: (id)  delegate

- (void) showWindow: (id)  sender  

Member Data Documentation

- (WindowRef) _carbonWindow [protected]

- (NSWindow*) _cocoaWindow [protected]

- (NSSize) _defaultViewSize [protected]

- (id) _delegate [protected]

- (AudioUnit) _editUnit [protected]

- (ComponentDescription) _editUnitCD [protected]

- (AudioUnitCarbonView) _editView [protected]

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