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ark::SoundTime Class Reference

#include <SoundTime.h>

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Public Types

typedef unsigned Count

Public Member Functions

 SoundTime ()
unsigned sampleRate () const
void setSampleRate (unsigned r)
Count frames () const
void setFrames (Count f)
void incrementFrames (Count f)
double seconds () const
void setSeconds (double secs)
double microseconds () const
void setMicroseconds (double secs)
unsigned beats () const
void setBeats (unsigned b)
double BPM () const
void setBPM (double v)

Private Attributes

Count _frames
unsigned _outSR
unsigned _beats
double _bpm

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef unsigned ark::SoundTime::Count

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ark::SoundTime::SoundTime  )  [inline]

Member Function Documentation

unsigned ark::SoundTime::beats  )  const [inline]

double ark::SoundTime::BPM  )  const [inline]

Count ark::SoundTime::frames  )  const [inline]

void ark::SoundTime::incrementFrames Count  f  )  [inline]

double ark::SoundTime::microseconds  )  const [inline]

unsigned ark::SoundTime::sampleRate  )  const [inline]

double ark::SoundTime::seconds  )  const [inline]

void ark::SoundTime::setBeats unsigned  b  )  [inline]

void ark::SoundTime::setBPM double  v  )  [inline]

void ark::SoundTime::setFrames Count  f  )  [inline]

void ark::SoundTime::setMicroseconds double  secs  )  [inline]

void ark::SoundTime::setSampleRate unsigned  r  )  [inline]

void ark::SoundTime::setSeconds double  secs  )  [inline]

Member Data Documentation

unsigned ark::SoundTime::_beats [private]

double ark::SoundTime::_bpm [private]

Count ark::SoundTime::_frames [private]

unsigned ark::SoundTime::_outSR [private]

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