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Stream Description

    struct AudioStreamBasicDescription
        Float64 mSampleRate;            //      the native sample rate of the audio stream
        UInt32  mFormatID;                      //      the specific encoding type of audio stream
        UInt32  mFormatFlags;           //      flags specific to each format
        UInt32  mBytesPerPacket;        //      the number of bytes in a packet
        UInt32  mFramesPerPacket;       //      the number of frames in each packet
        UInt32  mBytesPerFrame;         //      the number of bytes in a frame
        UInt32  mChannelsPerFrame;      //      the number of channels in each frame
        UInt32  mBitsPerChannel;        //      the number of bits in each channel
                UInt32  mReserved;                      //      reserved, pads the structure out to force 8 byte alignment

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