Arkonnekt Sound:
Hello! Welcome to the arkonnekt sound home page! Arkonnekt sound is an initiative to create a solid, reusable, portable sound engine, and along the way create a Cocoa sound kit to harness the power of the sound engine, and make a decent (and free) Cocoa wave editor.

 Currently the project is under active development by me, Jeremy Jurksztowicz. The engine source is really unstable at this point, and multiple API changes are in the pipeline, however the basis and design are quite stable, simple, complete, and thus fun to experiment with.

A quick note on licenses: The core is licensed ala MIT, while most of the Cocoa code is licensed ala LGPL. The core has a liberal license because there are a lot of pretty good sound engines licensed ala GPL already. I would like people to improve and expand the engine, and minimizing legal barriers to adoption is one way to foster such growth. Ole!

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I need help to make this a solid application! As you can see I am no web designer, and this webpage sucks monkey feces. Aside from my artistic cerebrum impairment I have NO TIME! So much to do, and I am not getting paid a penny to do it. Whatever, I do it because I love (programming, the cosmic hologram, sushi). So anyways, while I really like to program in Cocoa (objective-c + openstep), I would rather program the sound engine into a decent and stable peice of code at this point. However the sound engine finds direct expression (and thus testing) in the cocoa wave editor. If someone would like to drive the app development forward, that would be super cool, as it would facilitate a more stable, and more capable engine.

Todo, no really, I'll get around to it:
There is so much I would like to add to my engine, here are a few of the realistic projects and their status.
Outstanding Issues:
Yeah, there are a lot more of these to come...

Sound Core:
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